Dear District 61 Neighbor,
First, I want to sincerely thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement. For those I haven’t met yet, I hope to do so soon and earn your support. Our district must have leadership in Montgomery to continue the progress Rep. Sullivan has made and to make sure that we continue to receive the benefits of his efforts and the relationships that he has built. I will be that leader.
The House of Representatives position is a working persons job that requires the ability to interact successfully with you and local leaders to identify our needs and then work together to find solutions. I believe that my training and career experience have qualified me to lead our district in meeting these goals. Working steadily toward our goals and not getting sidetracked by every distraction that grabs the daily news cycle makes sure that things get accomplished.
Open communication is the first step to making sure our goals are identified and met. I make extensive use of social media, texting, and phone messages to both inform and answer questions. My cell number is 205.242.9896 and my email is You may also message through Facebook (at Ron Bolton State House). I hope to meet you soon.
- Ron Bolton
District 61, Alabama House of Representatives